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How to Use Our Web Application
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You don't pay until after you review and approve our web application results.

Our New Tax Document Distribution Site

New This Year: You may retrieve your data conversion results from our new web site Tax Doc Hub. Learn more.

2013 "Form 8949 Statements"

The 2013 edition of IRS Form 8949 only has room for 14 transactions per page. If you have many hundreds of transactions, this will result in a lot of pages.

Our programs will generate both the official IRS Form 8949 and "Form 8949 Statements". These statements are acceptable to the IRS and hold 49 transactions per page, reducing the number of pages generated.

There is no extra change for this conversion service and you can use whichever edition you prefer for your tax filing.

You may download a sample IRS Form 8949 and a sample Form 8949 Statements to compare the two.

FORM8949.COM Recommended Workflow

At FORM8949.COM we have created a workflow that we believe works for many traders. See our overview and video that explain the process.

TurboTax Online Solution

Do you use TurboTax Online? TurboTax desktop editions can import TXF files -- but the online edition cannot. TurboTax Online only imports from OFX servers. Does your broker supply TXF files but not host an OFX server?

It is our understanding the following brokers fall into this category:

  • Interactive Brokers
  • Options House

We can help. Just submit your TXF file for conversion and we will host your data for import into TurboTax Online from our OFX server.

"Quick Form 8949 / Statements" App

Under-60-second, "one-click" solution for investors and traders who use just one brokerage firm.

New Features for Tax Year 2013

The tax year 2013 edition of our online application to generate 2013 Schedule D and Form 8949 has new features including:

  • Enhanced Support for Users of TaxACT: Through a new relationship with TaxACT, users can directly import transaction data from into the TaxACT program. For more information, see the custom application explanation and/or video. Also see the TaxACT Import Steps .
  • Tradier Brokerage API: We have created a new custom interface and application for clients of Tradier Brokerage
Solution for Active Traders Using TurboTax

Do you use TurboTax Online and have more than 500 transactions ? or more than 2,000 transactions and use TurboTax Desktop Editions ? We can help.

A article on the TurboTax web site describes the limitations of TurboTax import and recommends our web site as a work around solution.

See our special solution for TurboTax users for more information.

New Support for TaxACT Users

If your broker does not participate in the TaxACT electronic import program, we can convert from TXF and other formats and make your data available for direct import into TaxACT.

Or if you have more than 2,000 transactions, use our site to generate Form 8949 Statements for attachment to your tax return.

See the app explanation and video and the TaxACT Import Steps.

Save Tax Preparation Fees

Do you use a Tax Professional? Save tax preparation fees by using our site to generate schedules of your capital gains and losses for delivery to your preparer.

Excel Spreadsheet Conversion

We can convert your Excel spreadsheet (.xls) of realized gain and loss information to IRS Schedule D and Form 8949.

See the spreadsheet requirements page for more information including templates.