DATA CONVERSION SERVICES: FORM8949.COM will convert your supplied data file of realized gain and loss information to IRS Schedule D and Form 8949 in PDF format for printing. We will also convert to OFX and TXF formats for import into the Tax Software programs.

OFX HOSTING SERVICES: We will host the converted data files for import via the OFX interface into TurboTax and TaxAct software.

DATA IMPORT AND TAX RETURN PREPARATION: Individual users assume all responsibility for the preparation of their individual income tax returns. They must review imported data for completeness and accuracy and enter any additional information which may be required by the Tax Software program.

ERRORS AND OMISSIONS: FORM8949.COM will correct any errors or omissions in data conversion services within 96 hours of notification by email of such errors or omissions. A refund of all processing fees is the maximum amount that will be paid by FORM8949.COM for any errors or faults in its services.