TurboTax Desktop (Mac or Windows)

TurboTax desktop edition cannot import more than ~ 2,100 broker transactions.

And many users report that TurboTax program performance degrades to the point of becoming unusable when you import more than 1,000 tranactions.

Our app can help you by:

  1. Generating forms and schedules to attach to your TurboTax-generated forms and schedules.
  2. Generating "aggregate" or "summary" transactions that you can import into TurboTax from our server.

See the TurboTax help page inside the app for additional details.

How to Import Your Form8949.com Data into Turbo Tax Desktop.

Form8949.com is a member of the iTips family of web sites including our sibling site TaxDocHub.com.
You import your Form8949.com data from the Tax Doc Hub server in TurboTax.